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The WSRGN created and devoted a website to a family-friendly explanation of the ACA. This website has pages on what the ACA is, benefits, and how to obtain information about ACA based upon life course model and developmental milestones. Annually, there are hundreds of page views of the ACA pages in the Western states and throughout the nation. This reflects the interest in learning about the impact and specifics of the ACA. Anecdotally we have heard from many providers and family advocates who use and share the website with their patients or clients. These webpages are maintained and updated with new information and material as needed. To access the ACA website click here.

Project Lead: Sylvia Mann
Staff Lead: Jennifer Boomsma


  • Mann, S., Mui, P., Boomsma, J., Hasegawa, L. Genetic Counselors and Health Literacy: The Role of Genetic Counselors in Developing a Web-based Resource about the Affordable Care Act. J of Genetic Couns. 2015 Jun;24(3):433-7